1227 Marshall Farms Rd Suite B Ocoee, FL 34761 407-614-2153

About The Chariot Fund

Welcome to The Chariot Fund located at 1227 Suite B Marshall Farms Rd in Ocoee, Florida, a Non Profit Social Enterprise that shares our automotive dealer resources to provide a conduit to accessing vehicle purchasing and sales platforms through Nationwide auctions. Additionally we sponsor and educate through our Economic Awareness Program to those seeking a path toward understanding and qualifying for the financial requirements to purchase/lease vehicles and/or homes. Provide us the opportunity help you as we utilize our expertise in these automotive and financial related fields as we transparently prepare and guide you through process. Blessings..

In the long term, The Chariot Fund aims to become a recognized leader in financial education for students across the country. By continuously improving its platform and expanding its network of corporate sponsors, the organization will be able to reach students and have a significant impact on their financial futures.

Ps... Just have a question, don’t hesitate to call 407-614-2153 or Dave directly at 407-222-9155